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Embassy of the Repuplic of the Sudan
The Hague - The Netherlands

Koninginnegracht 63-64, 2514 AG
The Hague, The Netherlands.
Tel.: +31(0)70-3605300.
Fax: +31(0)70-3617975
e-mail: (Official correspond only)


Consular Section

For more information plaese contact us:

بهذا تقرر ان تكون مواعيد العمل خلال شهر رمضان المبارك من
الساعة 10:00 صباحا وحتى الساعة 16:00 مساءا.
مواعيد العمل القنصلي من الساعة 11:00 صباحا وحتى الساعة 13:00 مساءا.

Working hours during the Holy Month of Ramadan will be from 1 0 .00 a.m. to 1 6 :00 p.m.
Working hours of the Consular Section will be from
1 1 :00 a.m. to 1 3 :00. p.m.


The Consular Section of the Embassy of Sudan in The Hague provides consular assistance to Sudanese residents in The Netherlands as well as those visiting the country (tourists).

The reception of the Consular Section is open (the pick-up of the documents is mostly after 16:00 P.M.) from Monday to Thursday, except holidays.