A person who wishes to renounce his Sudanese nationality voluntarily must:

  • Appear in person before a Sudanese consulate or diplomatic official, in any foreign country at the Sudanese embassy or consulate; And
  • Handwritten letter signed by the applicant
  • Sudanese nationals can only renounce their citizenship in person and therefore cannot do so by mail, electronically or through agents.
  • A person seeking to renounce Sudanese nationality must renounce all rights and privileges associated with such nationality.

To apply for renunciation of Sudanese nationality, the following documents must be prepared:

  1. A letter from the Dutch authorities
  2. The original Sudanese passport or police report of loss or damage legalized by dutch MFA if it is not available.
  3. The original Sudanese nationality or or police report of loss or damage legalized by dutch MFA if it is not available
  4. The national ID number
  5. Four (4) photographs
  6. Handwritten request signed by the applicant

Dual Nationality/Statelessness

Persons intending to renounce Sudanese citizenship should be aware that, unless they already possess a foreign nationality, they may be rendered stateless and, thus, lack the protection of any government. They may also have difficulty traveling as they may not be entitled to a passport from any country. Statelessness can present severe hardships: the ability to own or rent property, work, marry, receive medical or other benefits, and attend school can be affected. Former Sudanese citizens would be required to obtain a visa to travel to the Sudan or show that they are eligible for admission pursuant to the terms of the Visa Waiver Program. If unable to qualify for a visa, the person could be permanently barred from entering the Sudan.

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