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Press Releases

بيان صحفي اتفاقية جوبا
African Union
Juba peace commissionAgreed press statement
Appeal for urgent Humanitarian assistant

Juba Peace Agreement (2)

Press Release Feb. 2020



Old Press Releases:

Press Release 1 8th October 2015 . The efforts made by Government of Sudan to achieve Peace & Stability in Sudan

Press Release 2 10th October 2015 . The Inauguration of the Sudanese National Dialogue

Press Release 3 3rd November 2015. Renewal of Unilateral US Sanctions against the Sudan

Press Release 4 January 2016 . Clarifications about the Incident in ElGenina Town in West Darfur

Press Release 5 March 2016 . Road Map Agreement

Press Release 6 April 2016 – Welcoming the return of south sudanese vice president

Press Release 7 April 2016 – Darfur Administrative Referendum

Press Release 8 June 2016

Press Release 9 June 2016

Press Release 10 June 2016

Press Release 11 September 2016

Press Release 12 September 2016

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