Press Release

Yesterday evening, Friday, December 1 2023, the Security Council adopted a draft resolution to end the mandate of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNTAMS), effective December 3, and the resolution came in response to Sudan’s request submitted to the Security Council.
At the beginning of his participation in the session to adopt the resolution in the Security Council, His Excellency Ambassador Dafallah Al-Haj Ali, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and head of the high-level Sudanese delegation currently in New York, who has been in contact with all members of the Security Council and senior United Nations officials during the past two weeks, expressed his thanks to the members of the Security Council. The security forces responded to the request of the Government of Sudan to end the mandate of UNTAMS, and Mr. Undersecretary stressed that the leadership of Sudan is working to stop the war, address its effects, and complete the path of the transition period by reviving an expanded political process with pure national will that leads to free and transparent elections, stressing the government’s keenness to continue constructive engagement with the United Nations through Strengthening the role of the country team and cooperating with the Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General, Mr. Ramtane Lamamra. His Excellency the Undersecretary explained that Sudan is waging a just defensive war against an aggressor militia that targeted the Sudanese people in terms of their potential and capabilities, calling on the external parties supporting this militia to stop interfering in Sudan’s internal affairs. It is worth noting that the end of the mission was the result of complementary efforts in which presidential diplomacy, the Supreme National Committee for Dealing with the United Nations, and the Permanent Mission of Sudan in New York engaged, and culminated in the efforts of the high-level delegation led by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who engaged in contacts and meetings with all members of the Security Council and senior officials at the United Nations.

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