Press Statement on the Resolution Adopted by the Human Rights Council on 12 October

Since last August, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been closely following the political and media campaign led by Britain and other Western countries and human rights organizations to push the Human Rights Council to establish a fact finding mission to Sudan.

The countries sponsoring the draft resolution ignored Sudan’s current priorities of ending the rebellion, silencing guns, protecting civilians and accelerating the delivery of emergency humanitarian aid. These countries also ignored the atrocities and grave violations committed by the rebellious terrorist Rapid Support militias against the Sudanese people.

It should be noted that the Government of Sudan has paid the necessary attention to the issue of accountability and combating impunity through the formation of the National Committee headed by His Excellency the Attorney General of the Republic of Sudan to investigate the war crimes, violations and practices committed by the terrorist rebel Rapid Support militias and any other armed groups.

The sponsors of the resolution also ignored Sudan’s close cooperation with multiple human rights mechanisms that follow up the human rights situation in Sudan.

The fact that the Human Rights Council has been divided on the resolution indicates that the Council is being used to serve the goals of certain countries, as it did not receive the support of any Arab, African and Islamic countries, which confirms the weakness of the resolution and that the Council has been hijacked to serve the interest of those countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while looking at this unbalanced decision, which equates the national army of the Sudanese state with a terrorist rebel militia, holds the sponsors of the resolution responsible for the negative consequences that may result from this decision.

Date: 12 October 2023

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